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Our Museum

The Museum is open with 2-hour playtime blocks on Sunday from 12:30-2:30 pm and 3-5 pm and Monday-Saturday with play blocks from 10 am-12 pm, 12:30 pm-2:30 pm, and 3 pm-5 pm.

INK is a hot spot for a variety of school field trips, church groups, mom's groups, child care centers, and home school students. If you are interested in bringing your school or group to Interactive Neighborhood for Kids, click here to contact us.

Our museum is geared towards visitors ages 2 - 12 and is specifically designed to offer an unparalleled educational experience. We are more than a "destination", rather, we strive to let your child's imagination run wild while learning about the world around them. Our hands-on, interactive exhibits are structured in a way that lets each visitor touch and feels the "real world". Admission is $9 per person.

Museum Rules

  • Use walking feet, not running feet
  • Use your inside voice, not your outside voice
  • Share with others and return items to their proper places
  • Stay with your group
  • Use your imagination and role play in the exhibits provided
  • Take turns at exhibits
  • Respect the Museum property. All of the exhibits were designed for children, so be careful not to break any of the exhibits or their fragile pieces
  • Food and beverages are only allowed in the eating area before you enter the exhibit space  
  • Smoking is not permitted
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times while visiting the museum
  • Clean up each area before you leave the room
  • Follow the directions of the Museum staff

INK provides a professional work environment that is challenging, rewarding, creative, and respectful of ideas and individuals. We are a one-of-a-kind Museum, serving hundreds of thousands of families, all the while celebrating childhood, family, and community.

Our Museum Exhibits

GrandPappy Airlines
GrandPappy Airlines features an older full-sized 1955 Aero Commander 560 aircraft that allows your child to experience the inner workings of a real airplane! Visit the check-in counter to create the whole experience of going to airport and getting on the plane.  

Family Playhouse
This 20' x 20' colorful modular play system is ready for kids to explore, climb, slide and crawl through the brightly colored maze featuring cargo nets and a cobra copter.

Medical Clinic

Be a doctor, nurse, or patient in our INK Medical Clinic sponsored by Northeast Georgia Health Systems. This exhibit provides a place where children can practice going to the doctor or the dentist. The exhibit also features an examination table, scrubs, and pretend stethoscopes.

Gainesville Radiology Department
Your child can check out real x-rays in our Gainesville Radiology Group exhibit using actual x-rays or radiographs on an x-ray light board or on the PC. Parents and teachers can explain to the children the procedure of how an x-ray is completed. Visitors then can gain a better understanding of how the Radiologist analyzes the images, reaches a diagnosis, and then advises other doctors on necessary treatment.

Dentist Office
Most children don't enjoy trips to the dentist but with this interactive exhibit, they can be the dentist! Parents can teach children about proper dental hygiene in this non-threatening environment that features a real dentist chair.

Pinnacle Bank
In our Kids Pinnacle Bank branch, your child can interact with a magical talking coin. Children can learn how money doesn't grow on trees and wants vs. needs. Practice handling money as you help your children fill out bank deposit slips, count money, and make deposits. Also, your child can visit the bank's vault to learn what’s really in the vault. 

Beauty Salon
Let your child become the hairstylist in this fun exhibit. Equipped with salon chairs and even a few mannequins, our Beauty Salon is sure to be fun.

INK Grocery Store
Shop and check out groceries in our pint-sized grocery store. Children can fill child-size shopping carts with a variety of food items, pretend to scan their groceries, check out at the register, and bag the groceries. Even be a store clerk and reshelve items to their proper places. Parents and teachers can teach children how to pick out healthy foods. Let your child practice their social skills by being the checkout clerk or the customer with this interactive experience.

Post Office
Put on one of our US Postal uniforms donated by the Gainesville, Georgia US Post Office to sort and deliver mail. Drop your letter into our original early 1900s mailbox!

Castle Room / Preschool Paradise
This carpeted play space is designed for our four-year-old and under visitors. Children can crawl through a tunnel; explore colorful objects, toys and games, and walk (or crawl) into our castle and slide down to a safe padded area

INK's Paint-Your-Own Pottery Studio
**Our Painting studio is currently closed. When visiting INK, ask a staff member for take-home arts and crafts. 

Hall County Sheriff's Authentic Car 
This exhibit features an actual Hall County Sheriff's Car where your children can be the police officer. Turn on the car's flashing lights and sirens and drive away with your imagination.

1927 American LaFrance FireTruck
Young and old can climb aboard a real 1927 American LaFrance Fire Truck. This authentic fire truck, known as "Leaping Lena" was the only fire truck to survive the 1936 tornado that destroyed the majority of the Gainesville Town Square (on permanent loan from the City of Gainesville).

Train and Train Set
Hop aboard the INK train for a trip through your imagination! Kids can make believe to be a train conductor. Other features with our train exhibit include two Thomas the Train® tables, a make believe train, and a large train table with all the bells and whistles of an actual train. Press the buttons to make the city come alive with a car wash, restaurant drive-thru, construction site and more!

50's Café Presented by Loretta's Kitchen
Let’s go to the hop! Children can pretend to work in a restaurant as a cashier, a cook, or a waiter/waitress. Parents can sit at a booth or at the lunch counter while children learn how to prepare and serve balanced meals. Everyone can have fun twisting to the tunes on our authentic jukebox. This is one of our most popular exhibits.

Vet Clinic
Pretend to be a vet in our Vet's Office. Learn about animal health and examine our cute animals.


Ever wanted to be an actor/actress? Let your child do just that with our interactive stage. With a variety of costumes, let your child be the playwright and put on a show just for you!

Restrooms, Water Fountains, Concessions

Our restrooms and water fountains are located at the front of the museum. Don't forget to pay a visit to our Gift Shop and INK's Pottery while you are here! Drinks and snacks are for sale at the front admissions desk. 

Farm by Southeast Dairy Association

INK's Dairy Farm includes Haylee the Hen which talks about all kinds of fun facts about chickens at the push of a button.  Be sure and milk Buttercup our own custom milking cow.  Then visit the "mooovie" room to find out the process to get milk from the cow to your table and ready to drink.  

Music Room 

A great area to try out all sorts of musical instruments.  From drums, shakers, to even a piano and an organ.  

Free Little Library

You will find this exhibit just outside our front doors.  Your little ones can discover the joy of reading by browsing the books within this free little library. This is a community library that we encourage you to bring a book to donate so that other little ones can have a chance to take home a book to read. 

Imagination Playground 

Imagination Playground is an innovative play space that encourages learning, social development, movement, and above all fun!  By using your imagination in open-ended play, these lightweight blue blocks encourage self-expression through deep, joyful play.  


GrandPappy Airlines:
GrandPappy Airlines features an older full-sized 1955 Aero Commander 560 aircraft that allows your child to experience the inner workings of a real airplane! Visit the check-in counter to create the whole experience of going to airport and getting on the plane.