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Over the last few years, many of our students have had the opportunity to experience the hands-on interaction at INK's Children's Museum. Their activities include role playing and getting first-hand experience at being a banker, dentist, doctor and more.

Since INK is here in our community, having fieldtrips to INK enables more of our students to be exposed to the interactive exhibits and is appreciated by our students, teachers and parents.

I want to support Interactive Neighborhood for Kids!

Will Schofield

Superintendent, Hall County Schools
Gainesville, Georgia


Gainesville City Schools seeks to connect academic instruction in the classroom with "real-world" and life experiences. In doing so, we need to connect the classrom to their future world of work. Interactive Neighborhood for Kids has provided the structure and means for us to accomplish this goal for our young students.

A variety of careers and skill-sets are presented to our students when they visit INK. The INK staff is knowledgeable in applying teaching methods with hands-on learning during the classroom visits to INK. It is through the INK experience that our young students identify future career possibilities and begin to set goals for themselves.

We strongly support the work of INK!

Merrianne Dyer

Superintendent of Schools, Gainesville City Schools
Gainesville, Georgia

The Benefield Elementary School Advisement and Counseling department provides a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate counseling program to students. It is our aim to connect academics with the world of work. The Interactive Neighborhood for Kids (INK) has been instrumental in helping our efforts for three years. The knowledgeable staff and hands-on-experiences that INK offers are unparalleled. Research indicates that career exploration during the elementary years positively impacts graduation rates.

More now than before, our counseling department needs INK for hands on career awareness and learning.

We advocate for INK wholeheartedly.

Teshia Dula and Tracie Sharpe

Professional School Counselors, Benefield Elementary School
Lawrenceville, Georgia

This is the second time we’ve had my son’s birthday at INK (and he’s already saying he wants his next one there!) We love INK!


Lawrenceville, Georgia

Best party ever! Several guests are coming back. Thanks for an amazing experience and exceptional customer service!


Gainesville, Georgia

I just wanted to let you know that we were so happy with our party experience at INK! Everyone had a wonderful time at the party, and everybody at the museum was so helpful, and kind. Thank you for making the day a success!


Gainesville, Georgia

We had an amazing experience and our little man enjoyed his party. The facility was amazing and might I add clean. We really enjoyed our experience here and will definitely be back!

Miranda McConnell

Facebook Recommendation

We had an amazing experience here! Staff was super friendly and helpful. I love the different rooms to play in and the noodle thing my daughter walks thru. We got a membership so we can come a lot over the year.

Heather Bridges

INK Member
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Thank you so much for having us for a birthday party. We had a wonderful time, and the thoughtful touches like the gift list, and thank you notes simply made it a breeze for me which was incredible.

Whitney B.

Mom of a Birthday Party Child