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***Our Pottery Studio is currently CLOSED as of 1/10/24. If you are visiting INK and wish to paint with acrylic paints, please let a staff member know as we can set up a temporary paint station for your little ones.

At INK, hands-on learning goes beyond our exhibits. We believe that young minds are free to roam all aspects of imaginative play, including using their hands to make a new creation. With that in mind, we have built a one-of-a-kind Pottery Studio. Here, children of all ages can create their very own take-home crafts in our Pottery Studio. This is a paint-your-own pottery studio using acrylic paints. Everyday brings a new creation with new crafts available to make.  Prices begin at only $3 and up. Prices vary depending on the piece of pottery that is being chosen for painting.  Shipping available.  After-hours pottery events available.  Contact us for more information