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Naming Opportunities

YOU CAN LEAVE A LASTING LEGACY AND FURTHER OUR MISSION BY PLEDGING YOUR SUPPORT TO OUR BUILDING CAMPAIGN. We have many options for you to help us realize our dream for a new home. Below is a comprehensive list of naming opportunities that will allow you to attach a corporate name, your name, or that of a special person in your life, to a designated space in the new Interactive Neighborhood for Kids building.

Name the Museum
This incredibly diverse space is uniquely suited to our mission of creating excitement surrounding education and inspiring young minds to explore the world around them through hands-on learning experiences. Our new location will allow us to reach visitors from all areas. A tremendous option for a business that wants its name connected to the museum, or a fantastic opportunity to honor someone in the community. Your name can be a prominent landmark in the community!
Total Opportunities: 1
Required Contribution: $1,000,000 (perpetual naming rights)

Name the Foyer
One seldom forgets their first impression of a place and this is where we’ll begin to shape that image for visitors to our Museum. Large enough to serve as a staging area for arriving school and other groups, this space not only welcomes but also invites the curious visitor to see what lies beyond. All visitors to our Museum will pass through this entryway. Groups of school children, local residents and guests alike will begin their learning experiences with a trip through the foyer. Imagine walking into INK and seeing a grand entrance, named in your honor, with a world of imagination waiting for everyone to explore.
Total Opportunities: 1
Required Contribution: $500,000 (perpetual naming rights)

Name a Street or Avenue
Aspiring young minds need a dedicated road map for success to launch their learning expeditions. The streets in our Museum will possibly be the most used feature of the facility. Winding throughout the various exhibits with stops along the way to facilitate imagination and creativity, countless hours will be spent by thousands of children and adults on each of their personal journeys of fun. The street name of your choice will pave the way to an area of great learning fun!
Total Opportunities: 4
Committed: 1
Required Contribution: $250,000 (five-year naming rights) or $500,000 (perpetual naming rights)

Name the Pottery Studio
Accommodating children and adults alike, this unique studio will complement the educational component of our Museum. Our instructors will prepare projects that will inspire and educate our pottery guests. The indoor studio will help to expand the creative thoughts of our visitors so that they can build a tangible good to take home.
Total Opportunities: 1
Required Contribution: $250,000 (five-year naming rights) or $500,000 (perpetual naming rights)

Name the Gift Shop
Helping to expand the mind of a young child does not end when a person leaves our Museum; we want them to take a memento of their visit with them. The gift shop is stocked with a variety of educational toys that will help to encourage the creative spirit that lives within us all. The shop is also an invaluable revenue stream that helps to support the operations of INK.
Total Opportunities: 1
Required Contribution: $250,000 (five-year naming rights) or $500,000 (perpetual naming rights)

Name a Community Room
Our community rooms are used for a variety of purposes, including: board meetings, gathering point for field trips, birthday parties, information sessions, educational presentations and more.
Total Opportunities: 6
Required Contribution: $125,000 (five-year naming rights) or $250,000 (perpetual naming rights)

Founder's Club
An interactive and informative display, located in the heart of our entry foyer, complete with all Founder's Club member names, this resource will guide visitors throughout the Museum. It will be updated regularly to reflect advances in the Museum and to serve as a “starting” point for Museum guests.
Total Opportunities: 50
Committed: 15
Required Contribution: $10,000

Street Light
Help us keep the streets inside the Museum bright by lighting the path to success, fun, education and exploration.
Total Opportunities: 50
Committed: 19
Required Contribution: $1,000

Park Bench
Provide a perfect spot for someone to sit for a moment to watch their children at play.
Total Opportunities: 25
Committed: 18
Required Contribution: $500

Brick Paver
Purchase a brick paver that will line the entry way to the Museum's main entrance.
Required Contribution: $250
Committed: 22

Paint a Tile
Purchase and paint a one-of-a-kind 4" tile to be placed on one of the walls within the Museum.
Committed: 40
Required Contribution: $100